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Pro Life Icons

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Pro Life Icons is an icon community made for sharing/requesting and making pro life icons.

Please Join!

4 Main Rules

1. No bashing allowed, If you disagree with this community please keep your comments to your self. We are entitled to our own opinion. Any pro choice/offensive posts will be removed

2. This is strictly an icon community, please don't not join and only post promotions for other communities. Any promotion posts will be removed.

3. This is a credit free community. I don't agree with you asking for credit when all you did is bum pictures off google and add text. Any posts posted asking for credit will be removed.

4. When you join you must make a post telling us you're name, where you are from and an interest you have and a dislike, just so we know a little bit about who you are! You have upto a week after you join to do so or you might be removed.

Thank you,

imabouncyball, rabidslipsnap and godandstarcraft

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